blog_lustI am filled with fresh fantastic memories from a weekend of chaos and costumes, feathers and prayers, hoopers, and stilts, music and swimming, and, of course, yoga, I will try to put words to this overwhelming event, WANDERLUST. I spent this past weekend in Squaw Valley among thousands of self-proclaimed yogis in the thin mountain air sharing food, sun and smiles.  The scene consisted of healthy human souls moving their bodies, sharing raw and healthy food at the coop, listening to music. The choices were vast… which class should I take? Should I go hiking? How about people watching? Can I stay up late enough to rock? The teachers taught more than the physical asanas and were clear that they are here to push this world into a better and more spiritual place. We prayed for peace and opened our hearts.  I sensed excellence and clarity everywhere …

The schedule of classes, music, and hikes are woven seamlessly into 4 days.  The New York City founders, Jeff Krasno, Schulyer Grant, and Sean Hoess, friends from college, skillfully run this event.  Jeff and Schuyler are married.  Jeff and Sean have run music festivals. Schuyler is the founder of Kula Yoga in New York.  This is one smart group … and savvy enough to know people will pay to celebrate yoga, music, food, and dance.   Book your ticket for next year.





Jai Uttal at Wanderlust


Locals Ann Averbach and Sky Lukco from Divinitree at Wanderlust

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