What are the pros and cons of a desalinization plant in Santa Cruz County?

localTalk_evinMI think the pros are more jobs in Santa Cruz, people working on the plant, etc. The cons would be if the plant itself creates a lot of pollution or makes a lot of noise in a residential neighborhood, or if it requires an increase in taxes.

Evin Murphy
Bonny Doon | Land Surveyor

localTalk_naomiMThis year our reservoir is pretty full so I guess this year could be the year to work on it. A desalination plant would mean more clean water, without worrying about rainfall or conservation. Cons? What to do with all the left over salt? Who’s going to pay for it? And more clean water might mean more people.

Naomi Marquez,
Happy Valley | Esthetician

LocalTAlk_ellenorVWithout the complaint of water issues, the city would be more accepting of the university. Factories always have bad consequences.

Ellenor Varvel
Santa Cruz | English Teacher

LocalTAlk_Dr.WThere will be a tremendous amount of money spent on the desal plant. I’m wondering if better technology, including conservation, would be a better way to spend the money. We could make a hell of a lot of margaritas with all the salt we will generate from the desal plant.

Dr. Wasabi
Live Oak | Culture Sculpter

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