What are three great summer meals you’ve had recently?

lt_willPork chops with barbecued peaches and creamy polenta, my wife made that. Local salmon barbecued at home for a birthday dinner. And a miso halibut over mango fried rice. Again, the wife. Loving it!
Will Kahn
Santa Cruz | Recording Engineer


Quinoa with spinach and chicken from Trader Joe’s.
Grilled salmon and salad bar at The Crow’s Nest.
Shrimp salad from Zoccolis with fresh seedless watermelon from
Corralitos, and fresh organic plums from my friends tree.
Loretta Sapino
Santa Cruz | Barber/Stylist

Fish and chips at the wharf, brisket tacos at the farmers market on Wednesdays, and happy hour at The Crow’s Nest.
Angela Cho
Santa Cruz | Florist


One is pesto pasta that my Uncle Todd from India made.
Another is bacon I got at camp and
the third is pasta with meatballs at tonight’s dinner.
Bella Stevens
Santa Cruz | Almost 8
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