What are your thoughts on the Coastal Commission’s decision to shoot down the La Bahia hotel project?

lt_robinIt’s too bad. I know that La Bahia has been trying to improve that building and that area for years. Maybe someone could pull some strings and get the Coastal Commision’s head out of the sand.
Robin G
Santa Cruz | Retired


It would be nice to see a new vibrant hotel echoing the reflections of yesteryear in revitalizing the historic nature of the hotel. My big question is why they couldn’t bring the project down 14 feet and fit it under existing coastal standards.
Aaron K
Santa Cruz | Sales

lt_chrisI think it’s important that the Coastal Comm-ission takes the side of the community in guarding against commercial interests having a bigger influence on community decisions than the community members do. The quality of the waterfront is the biggest resource that we have here and we need to make sure we don’t sell it to the highest bidder.
Chris Rhodes
Santa Cruz | Teacher


I think the Coastal Commission probably has the environment in mind as a priority over revenue from the hotel, so from an environmental perspective it’s good. I think renovating would be less environmentally damaging than tearing it down and creating a new one.
Elizabeth Borelli
Santa Cruz | Blogger
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