What are your thoughts on the new roundabout on Center and Pacific?

lt_kellyI’m glad it’s done. It’s created a lot of traffic out here but I think overall it will probably be a better solution to what they had before.
Kelly Mercer
Santa Cruz | Volunteer Coordinator


In general I support roundabouts anywhere because
they’re good for the environment. Cars aren’t
stopping so much, there’s a flow of traffic and
they also reduce accidents, so how could they be a bad thing?
Rick Walker
Santa Cruz | Audio/Visual Artist

If they have money to spend on that then
they shouldnt be closing the libraries and
other things around town that are for the kids.
It’s not really necessary, and the money
could have been spent in better places.
Shannon Graig
Santa Cruz | Mom


I like it because nobody
knows how to use it so I get by
with cutting in front of everybody.
Lynsay Lamothe
Santa Cruz | Hair Stylist
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