What are your thoughts on the recent homeless camp evictions?

lt howardIt depends how it’s done. I’m against them making a mess behind them because I walk in the Pogonip and I see sometimes a lot of the garbage that they leave around. But at the same time they have a problem and I know that there are resources here in Santa Cruz, and the police should gently but firmly take them to, or show them where to go to get, decent shelter.
Howard Furer
Santa Cruz | Marketing Research 

lt brent

I think they’re despicable. It’s misplaced energy that could be used for actually serving the community. Sure there are problems in the homeless community, at the lowest common denominator, and those are the people we should be working the hardest to protect. I’d like to see a sanctuary camp, and the community coming together in the spirit of cooperation instead of the lack of efficiency and redundancy that we’ve been seeing.
Brent Adams
Santa Cruz | Filmmaker

lt travis
I wonder where the homeless people are going to go. Are there enough shelters? If you’re going to kick someone out of one place they have to have another place to go. There has to be something to fill the void.
Travis Beabout
Santa Cruz | Farmers Market Employee

lt anthony
My main concern with it is that they leave so much pollution wherever they are. A good percentage of the time that you go to a camp you find needles and stuff that’s hardly even recyclable. 50/50. It’s rough. I was homeless, so I had camps, but I didn’t have needles lying around mine.
Anthony Barber
Santa Cruz | Mini Mart Manager 

lt james
As we know, everything’s connected. There is one part that’s concerned about homelessness because it’s a symptom of something deeper. And then there’s a part of me that does a lot of hiking and enjoys being in the forest. So how do you heal what’s going on with the homelessness situation?
James McClaskey
Corralitos | Unemployed

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