What are your thoughts on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange?


He’s providing a very important service for the country, if not the world. Unfortunately we live in a system that really demands questions and one that often doesn’t provide answers. This is a vehicle maybe for that kind of freedom of thought and expression that probably can’t be obtained in any other way.

Andrew Duvin

San Francisco | Professor of Education



I appreciate what he does for the truth community.

If the government has stuff to hide it’s their problem, and we have

every right to know what the government, that we pay for, is doing, and they should be held accountable.

Dylan Tenney

Santa Cruz | Cashier



I think he’s doing a great thing because no government should be able to operate in secrecy, and when they make deals like they do with each other—government to government, and in secret, it’s always bad for the people.

Mike Corral

Santa Cruz | Co-founder of WAMM




I think Julian Assange is a hero. He’s doing what our press here in the U.S. should have been doing for a long time. They just haven’t picked up the rope and run with it.

Dawn Abel

Redwood City | Technical Writer

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