What behavior would you like to eliminate from Santa Cruz?

lt_nicoleEI think we should eliminate bike theft because it’s really awful that people have their bikes stolen. I just bought a new bike so I’ve been thinking about this lately.
Nicole Dicamillo
Santa Cruz | Law Clerk


Hostilities and aggressiveness from and towards homeless people.
Roni Misloski
Santa Cruz | Busser

Two behaviors. One would be completely taking up the benches so others can’t sit down. Two is hanging out on the corners with a lot of people that don’t do anything. I’m not against whether people are working or not working or anything like that, I’m not protesting that. It’s just that I don’t have any place to sit if I want to have a cup of coffee.
Jim Peck
Santa Cruz | Retired


Disrespect. Personally I see disrespect a lot with graffiti tagging. I’m a big fan of graffiti art, but the tagging on the windows, businesses, and doors where I have to paint over or pay a thousand dollars to have the film on the glass replaced—to me that’s not OK, and thats not respecting someone’s property that you work hard to maintain and take care of.
Sonja Brunner
Santa Cruz | General Manager

I dont want to eliminate any behaviors in Santa Cruz. Let everyone walk their own walk.
Mariclare McKnight
Santa Cruz | Vagabond

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