What businesses would you like to see come to Downtown Santa Cruz?

lt_alexI [would] like to see a lot of independent stores around here—to keep it local and not have as many chain stores in Downtown Santa Cruz. They have a better feel to them. More record stores and book stores.

Alex Valdez

Watsonville | Greeter/Usher

lt_dianneI think people need a place to buy underwear.

That would be nice—a real

store like when we had J.C. Penney
a million years ago. I think people say

consistently that they wouldn’t go to the mall
if they could go downtown and
buy a T-shirt and some underwear.

Dianne Cohan

Santa Cruz | Semi-Retired

I’m stoked that Cafe Gratitude is coming next month. I’ve been waiting for that. We need a local brewery downtown that serves food and is all inclusive like the organic one on the Westside. A place where you can get food and sit down.

Dog friendly too.

Julie Lefmann

Santa Cruz | CMT/Watsu


I’d love to see a disc golf shop go in downtown.
They would sell plastic (discs), bags, baskets—
all the accessories that you need to play and promote the sport.

TJ Goodwin

Felton | Sales

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