What changes would you like to see to improve Downtown Santa Cruz?

lt jimmyI’d like to see a more family- and tourist- friendly vibe downtown. And a safe place for people to hang and feel like they can bring their families and relatives from out of town and not get harrased and harangued by various elements down here.
Jimmy Yarnell
Santa Cruz | X-Ray Tech


lt craig
We have dogs now, and I think that’s nice. Maybe some more seats, because I’m here on my way home having some coffee and I just love to sit out here, but I wish I was in the sun.
Craig Miller
Santa Cruz | Retired

lt genevieveI’d like to see it less accommodating for drivers; I know it’s a busy time of year and there’s a lot of tourists. I think there’s a lot of energy going into parking when there should maybe be more energy going into supporting biking. I think the trolley is a great thing because it’s too congested down here, and it’s transporting people so that they don’t need to drive.
Genevieve Absey
Santa Cruz | Assistant Manager

lt sheila
I guess more safety on Pacific Avenue. It’s a beautiful street with a lot of original people, but a little more safety would be good.
Sheila Woodson
Santa Cruz | Unemployed

lt john
We have a great downtown. It’s really vibrant, there is a lot of business happening, ample parking, all different types of people walking through. I think we have an excellent downtown. I think it’s great!
John Glass
Santa Cruz | Chef

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