What country is ripe for revolution next?

Iran. They are the next ones that have started revolting. They’re following the lead of Egypt. They’re unhappy.
Lynann Bertoldi
Santa Cruz | Retired Teacher


Greece has some austerity measures that won’t be very popular. Their close ties with the west could actually cause a lot
of problems with Western economies causing a domino effect in the more
stable countries like Spain and Portugal and other eastern bloc countries struggling right now. Greece is ready to have an upheaval of some sort.
Chris Ramey
Santa Cruz | Retail Fleet Director

Iceland. Because they are already in
revolution. They are going outside with pots and pans, and they forced the
government out of power because of how they were dealing with the recession and global crisis. People in Iceland are
getting a lot done by going to the capital and complaining.
Cristina Fernandez
Santa Cruz | Researcher

lt_benAmerica. I teach history, and America is starting to disentangle the mythology of how we view our country and it’s happening at an increasingly rapid rate. People are starting to realize what’s really going on, wanting the values we think this country stands for. People realize they will have to stand up and fight for these values or America’s going to be taken over by white-collar criminals.
Ben Gray
Santa Cruz | Teacher
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