What do you forget to be grateful for?

My own circumstances—good or bad. Because it’s no mistake.
Robert Backert
Santa Cruz | Importer/Concrete Contractor


Sometimes I forget to be grateful for my breath because it’s something that’s automatic but also I can control it. When it’s automatic, I forget about it and it happens, but then when I do get to concentrate on it, like in a yoga class, it really changes my state of mind.
Marci Beitch
Santa Cruz | Graduate Student

My health, and just the fact that we live in this beautiful place.
Patrick Shields
Santa Cruz | Researcher


I forget to be grateful for my health, because when it’s compromised, you realize how valuable it is to be able to move around and get what you need, go to your jobs, see your friends and family, and enjoy the place that we live in Santa Cruz.
Naka Hassell
Santa Cruz | Bartender/Assistant
Wine Maker
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