What do you look for in your footwear?

lt lizaForm follows function. That’s what I like. I want them to look good, but I really want them to feel good, because I can’t handle it if they don’t feel good.
Liza Scully
Santa Cruz | Landscape Designer

lt robert
Something that doesn’t say “made in China.” The boots I’m wearing were made in Mexico.
Robert Kilpatrick
Santa Cruz | General Building Contractor

lt maria
Long-lasting well-made footwear—so I don’t mind spending a little bit more. Like Seychelle is good, and I like a little heel too.
Maria Grusauskas
Santa Cruz | Freelance Writer

lt larry

I look for comfort—and shoes that will make my boyfriend jealous.
Larry Goldfarb
Santa Cruz | Feldenkrais Teacher 

lt lilly

I’m a single mom who carries my child everywhere. I look for comfort more than style.
Lilly Armstrong
Santa Cruz | Stay-at-home Mom

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