What do you love, and what do you hate, about the U.S.?

LocalTalk_eleshaI love my freedom and the natural beauty of the United States. I love that I just spent four magical days at High Sierra Music Festival. I hate that our teachers don’t make enough money and that we are closing our schools.

Elesha Lopez
Santa Cruz | Accounting Clerk

LocalTalk_lukeHI love the people, I love the land, I love the idea of a country founded on an idea of freedom. I hate that we haven’t made that idea real.

Luke Haines
Santa Cruz | Computer Programmer

LocalTalk_tomVI love our ability to question our leaders, and I hate the corruption associated with campaign contributions and lobbyists.

Tom Vanhouten
Santa Cruz | Artist

LocalTalk_lindseyKThe Bill Of Rights and the Constitution, and that’s also the thing that’s the worst.

Lindsey Knetter
Santa Cruz | Student

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