What do you think is the difference between organic and conventional produce?

lt janeI think it has to do with how it’s raised and the additives that they put in fertilizer. I think that it’s critical that we pay attention to that. And we haven’t in the past.
Jane Anglin
Santa Cruz | Retired

lt charlotteThe taste is different, and it’s better for you because it doesn’t have all the pesticides and everything that the conventional has in it.
Charlotte Giobinazzo
Santa Cruz | Not Working

lt annaOrganic generally doesn’t have as much pesticides, so I’ve heard. Fertilizers are different. It’s hard to tell if they’re certified organic or if they are just saying they’re organic.
Anna Bobisuthi
Boulder Creek | Registrar

lt janine
I often buy organic when my kids are coming over so I can tell them that it’s organic, but I just like really fresh produce, so that’s what I buy. I really think that some of the organic food around here is so beautiful. We are spoiled. I don’t think that people have the access in other places.
Jenine Ortega
Santa Cruz | Registered Nurse


lt lauren
I think that there are all kinds of pesticides and weird stuff that they put on conventional produce. Organic tastes better. It goes bad faster, but it tastes way better, and so I try to buy that.
Lauren Ball
Santa Cruz | Recovery Coach


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