What does your future hold?

localtalk_susanS-The future holds for me lots of good friends lots of really healthy food and being with my family.
Susan Seaburg
Scotts Valley | Self Employed





localtalk_peterBI seek apotheosis.
Peter Bloomfield
Santa Cruz | Physician





localtalk_thelmaWe just got a wilderness permit for Wild Canyon up in Yosemite for the summer and were excited. My husband and I are going to do some backpacking. So that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.
Thelma Clark
Monterey | Retired Teacher





localtalk_BrendenMikakoRight as we speak we are in the midst of starting our own business, we are going to be married in May up at Roaring Camp, we’re taking the train up the mountain—and after that the possibilities are unlimited.
Mikako Gillespie
Santa Cruz | After School Care
Brendan Lazaris
Santa Cruz | Web Design

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