What downtown establishments do you do the most business with? Why?

Malabar, the Sri Lankan restaurant on Front Street, because it’s family owned by an adorable family and they take really good care of you when you go. It’s the best food in Santa Cruz.

Haley Jackson

Santa Cruz | Student


The establishment I visit most often and patronize most avidly is the Farmers’ Market because everything is fresh and there’s so much great organic stuff and kooky stuff you just can’t get elsewhere.

Dori Schack

Santa Cruz | Cheese Monger


New Leaf—because I agree with their business standards and I appreciate the food that they have there and I know the employees. Everyone is nice. I like it there.

Neva Steward

Santa Cruz | Student


Cafe Delmarette, Stripe and Cafe Campasino because they are all locally owned and I know the owners and everyone who works there by name. It’s always really cozy comfy and good food and clothes, I like that they support local artists.

Melissa C. Wiley

Santa Cruz | Dancer/Teacher

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