What Good Came Out of the 1989 Quake?

localtalk_aimeePIt showed that things can change very fast and that we are not in control of things that we think were in control of.
Aimee Page
Santa Cruz | Musician/Baker

localtalk_RogerKThe community came together and everybody was kind of in the same boat because we were sort of isolated. And now I think it lingered a little bit for those of us that were here.
Roger Knapp
Santa Cruz | Realtor





localtalk_mikeBIt gave people a chance to
redeem themselves.
Mike Boyle
Santa Cruz | Sales





localtalk_alMThe development of the incident response team that the fire department came up with, and I believe they were the first to use it in California and it’s spread throughout California. So they have incident commands all over now.
Al Mitchell
Santa Cruz | Teacher

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