What, if anything, would you like to see changed on Pacific Avenue?

lt nimaI would like to see the cars taken off Pacific Avenue and a garden mall, which is what it was intended to be, in its place. 

Nima Sinclair
Santa Cruz | Jewelry Repair 

lt nathanI think I’d like to see some of the larger commercial spaces get filled. It’s depressing to see some of the prime real estate empty.
Nathan Stevens
Santa Cruz | Engineer


lt scottThe bus station on needs to be renovated, there’s too many teenagers and homeless people hanging out. If they renovated it and made it nice people would be able to walk all the way to the beach. That would be nice.
Scott Crooks
Santa Cruz | Inventory Supervisor

lt vernon

It would be great if more people lived downtown-living-working-studies, all within the commerce zone. And then shutting down Pacific avenue to cars—just make it totally walkable. I’d definitely put a cap on rents so that people could afford to open up a store and stick around for a while.
Vernon Legakis
Santa Cruz | Book Seller


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