What is the most overlooked issue in the county, and what can we do about it now?

lt loriI think water pollution is the main issue. And I think we need to address it because in the near future we’re going to be out of clean water, especially since it’s radiated now. Drinking water is going to be a major issue.
Lori Unsworth
Watsonville | Retired Teacher

lt bridget
I suppose that whatever open space is left, it would be nice to secure it for park land for the city dwellers to enjoy. And whatever is destined to be torn down because it’s in disrepair, maybe we can transform that into park land.
Bridget Collum
Soquel | Law

lt linI think one of the most overlooked issues is food security. I think there are many children and adults in this county who don’t have enough food to eat and skip meals. Solving that problem is really major, and I think we can all look at ways to support good food, like through Second Harvest, food pantries, and other local agencies. In this town there are a lot of places to get food but there are a lot of people who need food. The whole county, not just the city.
Lin Colavin
Santa Cruz | Volunteer

lt jeff

Looking at all the pesticides and herbicides on the racks of the garden stores, I think the overuse of these products in people’s back yards, and their effect on pollinators and everything else. People need to be educated about it.
Jeff Perez
Santa Cruz | Bee Keeper/ Fisheries

lt billI think one of the most important things that’s missing in the county is for the people to realize that we’re here together and we need to support and help each other. We need to support and help each other in so many ways. And it has to do with learning to love ourselves and one another.
Bill Caylor
Santa Cruz | Acupuncturist



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