What is the next step in human evolution?

localtalk_brijLCybernetics. The merging of brain capacity with electronics.
Brij Lunine
Santa Cruz | Lecturer





It will be nothing like being human in the normal sense anymore. I see the next phase where we don’t worry about petty things or worldly needs, wants or desires but getting to the point where we are completely unattached and don’t identify with our personality or ego. We will be seeking some higher something that is greater than the individual self.
Jenny Paiva
Riverside | Teacher

localtalk_lizaI think the next stage for humankind is probably devolution. Seems we’re headed in a downward spiral at this point.
Liza Corona
Santa Cruz | Restaurant Manager

localtalk_paulRThe next stage of human evolution will be the evolution of our immune systems which we are changing through our behaviors more rapidly than any other structure in our body. Our immunity to diseases and our resistance to illness is going to change.
Paul Richeson
Pescadero | Farmer

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