What issues would you like to see Obama and Romney debate?

lt jonathanPaul Ryan’s budget plan and how it does or does not deal with the poor. The Catholic Church wrote a letter saying it doesn’t meet with the moral and ethical needs of the poor.
Jonathan Crow
Santa Cruz, Marketing Manager 


lt amberWomen’s rights and women’s access to birth control, and reproductive health care.
Amber Critchfied
Santa Cruz, Midwife



lt davidI’d like to hear them debate and discuss where their money comes from, who their base is financially. Follow the money. That’s what really leads to the truth of what they’re about.
David Egan
Santa Cruz, Sound Engineer

lt batyaThe issues that they’re not going to talk about—how to actually slow down the rate of consumption and have a more sustainable economy. But that’s probably not what they’re willing to talk about. I’d like to see them talk about campaign finance reform and get serious about it.
Batya Kagan
Live Oak, Farmer

lt valerieI’d like to hear them talk about our economy, employment opportunities and education.
Valerie Joi
Santa Cruz, Musician


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