What makes a good conversationalist?

localtalk_judyMSomeone who’s had a lot of experiences in life and is interesting, yet takes his or her turn and listens attentively and includes the other person, and is not just narcissistic and talks about themselves constantly.
Judy Moore
Santa Cruz | Volunteer/Writer





localtalk_bradleySA person who’s always got something to say that’s different from what everyone else says that tries to break out from “Hi, how are you doing? How’s the weather?” A person that has a thousand words in his mind that says a few.
Bradley Schwartz
Santa Cruz | Homeless




localtalk_joeMWillingness to listen and not just assert your own view point. With the openness to possibly change your mind.
Joe Mancino
Santa Cruz | Book Seller





localtalk_jordanRA good conversationalist is somebody who listens and knows exactly what he is responding to. So many times in conversations people are waiting to say what they have to say and don’t listen nearly enough, and it’s not a conversation you’re just talking to a mirror.
Jordan Rager
Bonny Doon | Deputy Administrator

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