What makes a good relationship work?


Communication, being friends, having fun, being on a level playing field, and to bond well together.

Megan Hudson

Santa Cruz | Student/Artist



A good relationship works if you both have time away from each other, and then come together for moments that are supposed to be romantic and casual. It’s good to have separate hobbies.

Raines Janecka

Santa Cruz | General Contractor



I think what makes a good relationship work is flexibility. I just celebrated my 50th wedding anniversary. To last 50 years you have to be real flexible.

Joan Smith

Santa Cruz/Tahoe | Real Estate Broker



Good question. I read once …
“if there is a secret to being loved, it lies in not having to have it.” Beyond that, I think it’s good to “marry” yourself first, before marrying somebody else.

Greg Archer

Santa Cruz | Overseer of commas,

apostrophes, periods and ellipses …


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