What New Year’s resolution would you like to force upon others?

lt alanThink about others more and try to do what’s good for mankind. In these times it just seems that people are kind of greedy and out for themselves. We’re all in this together.
Alan Osterbauer
Watsonville | Plant Engineer

lt mary
If I was going to force anything upon anyone it would be peace. Stop the war, stop the fighting, get along and learn that we are all one people, one planet. We have to learn to love each other. We have to help each other.
Mary Joe
Santa Cruz | Occupied

lt bert
I’d like people to be more respectful of each other, less aggressive, kinder, more willing to compromise.
Bert Pfister
Watsonville | Retired Teacher

lt krista
Smile more. I want to force people to smile more. Put their shoulders down and open their heart.
Krista Holt
Santa Cruz | Heart Opener

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