What political system do you think would work best today?

lt jesseA participatory democracy. If people would participate and unplug the TV for 15
minutes to get down to the voting booth and learn a little bit about the issues, I think that that would go a long way in
solving some of the problems we have.
Jesse Lemic
Santa Cruz | Bon Vivant

lt ray

A third-party system that’s in the middle, because the right and the left have gotten so far apart from each other that there’s no consideration for one thought or another. It’s killing our country.
Ray Chancelor

Santa Cruz | Designer

lt Brenda

I’m a fan of democracy, but I wish it were a lot less corrupt. I feel like we kind of need to start over again and get back to having people have more integrity in the system, and develop a system that really promotes integrity better than ours does now. But I’m not quite sure what that would look like.
Brenda Leach
Boulder Creek | Home Schooling Mom

lt barry

Technocracy. It’s an American invention that is non-political, non-religious, scientific form of government based on energy, and it’s a cashless non-profit society.
Barry Forsyth
Santa Cruz | Campus Supervisor

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