What should be Obama and/or Romney’s campaign slogans?

lt bethMitt Romney’s political campaign slogan should be “Rich People Rule the World.”
Beth Sherman
Santa Cruz | Professional Cult De-programmer


lt gene
Obama’s slogan should be “I Dont Even Need To Try.” A two-part slogan for Romney. First part should be “Dont Be Poor.” Second part: “Get Rich.”
Gene Selkov
Santa Cruz | Sales

lt corey
Obama should say “I need another four to continue the job I’m trying to do.” Romney’s should probably just be honest and say “I’m a charlatan and will do whatever my backers want me to do.”
Corey Hendriks
Boulder Creek | Sales/Studen

lt david

For Mr. Obama: “More Taxes for the Drones.”
David Anton Savage
Santa Cruz | Librarian at KZSC

lt michael
“Together We can Fix America” for both of them.
Michael D.
Santa Cruz | Bicycle Messenger

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