What slang do you and your friends use that no one else uses?

lt amy“Popping off.” Like, what are you doing this afternoon? Gettin’ poppin. Oh, are you at work? Poppin’ off? Are you hanging out with your friends tonight, you could be a little pop-tart. Popping off. Get it? Poppin’!
Amy Hill
Santa Cruz | Airbrush Technician 


lt simon

“Squirp.” It refers to a playful zombie-like, mindless, American consumer.
Simon Moreno
Santa Cruz | Musician/Student


lt jasper

“Frizzled.” Frizzled, being maybe when you wake up early and you’re all sticky and dirty and frizzled. Or maybe the pastry isn’t looking so clean, and it looks frizzled.
Jasper Marino
Santa Cruz | Potter

lt cynthia

I actually think I started it, but, because I kind of think it’s kind of stupid to call a significant other a boyfriend or a girlfriend, I started calling it my “special man friend” or my “special woman friend,” and that’s really caught on. So, now we all refer to everybody else’s significant other as special man friend or special woman friend.
Cynthia Chase
Santa Cruz | Social Worker

lt ryan

No one else uses this but we use the acronym FAFFE. F**king Around For F**king Ever. Basically it refers to the phenomenon where you waste lots of time getting ready to do things.
Ryan Hoffman
San Francisco | Engineer


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