What traditions have been passed down in your family?

localtalk_joyTI grew up in a religious Shinto famiy and we would visit homes of sick people and hospitals and give them healing prayers, prayers for healing. And that’s been done in my family since my great great grandparents. I’m Japanese American Nisei.
Joy Takahashi
Santa Cruz | play therapist





localtalk_zoeLGleaning. Being really cheap. Saving resources. Making great things out of those.
Zoe Latta
Santa Cruz | textiles







localtalk_rebeccaDMaking tamale pie for Christmas Eve. It was my husband’s mother’s maid’s recipe. Nainimo Bars, it was my great grandmother’s recipe. Lots of food traditions. We are inclusive with lots of people to celebrate. I’m making our new traditions.
Rebecca Dye
Ben Lomond | landscape architect

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