What will it take to get our representatives to favor the needs of the citizens before the interests of big business?

lt_annaI think it will take a lot of compassion and an uprising on the citizens part to address that to our leaders. I don’t think we’re involved enough. We don’t care enough to actually take action.
Anna Sunflower
Santa Cruz | Gardener

lt_woodyI think unfortunately it has to get worse before it gets better. And I think people got too complacent. We’ve got to get involved in the streets and turn our anger into action.
Woody Wood
Santa Cruz | Folk Singer

lt_johnA serious and prologned campaign finance reform. Mandated shorter election periods, like in the U.K. Those two
things might give us some return to citizen government.
John Gamman
Santa Cruz | Mediator

lt_brendaI just think that people will have to passively resist somehow. I don’t know how that’s going to be, but I think everybody in our culture is totally passive and just waits for things to happen. A concerted resistance on everyone’s part.
Brenda Collins
Boulder Creek | Book Buyer

It’s an impossible dream.
Ken Slobodian
Aptos | Retired

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