What will it take to get this country back on track?

lt_jesseLet’s start making things in America again, and let’s shop local.

Jesse Velazquez

Santa Cruz | Store Manager


A reality check for Congress like making them live like we do, having to take part

in social security, no special health insurance, just live with the same uncertainties that we do.

Gulla Gisladottir

Santa Cruz | Map Maker

One idea that sticks in everybody’s head like a moon shot, that makes everyone want to get behind and move in one direction.

Karsten Wade

Santa Cruz | Community Manager


I don’t think there is a track to get back onto because I think our way of life is going to be completely different. I mean it’s silly [to think] that were going to go back to the way we have been living for the last hundred years.

Paul Richeson

Santa Cruz | Gardener


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