What would be the best economic boost for Santa Cruz County?

I think they should clean up Ocean Street and make it a little more tourist accessible.
Aynjul Benigno
Santa Cruz, Esthetician/Bartender


A boost in green jobs, environmental- based jobs to keep us going in the
direction of having a better balance between humans and the environment.
Stephanie Fields
Santa Cruz | Student


Privatize the state beaches and turn that into a revenue stream. There are so many beautiful beaches, and the state government is obviously not doing a great job with them. They’re either closing them or not managing them. I definitely don’t think their optimizing the revenue potential. Privatize them.Let’s see what the citizens of Santa Cruz can do with that.
Paul Bosky
Oakland, Technical Trainer


I think making better use of the levy. Turn it into something like they have in Europe, where there are buildings, shops and walkways, and it’s clean and gets used.
Steve Shockley
Santa Cruz | Insurance Broker
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