What would get you to do more business in Downtown Santa Cruz?

altJust lower prices I think. More advertising. I do try to shop locally as much as possible but sometimes the price is too high. It’s understandable as to why they are what they are, but lower prices would help a lot.

Ivan Barrios

Santa Cruz | Student/Barista/

Water Polo Coach


altI think if the businesses downtown were less expensive, I would be more inclined to shop there.

Madeleine Conway

Santa Cruz | Student







altThere is the issue of safety, which is number one, and then there is parking and the cost of parking. I think that if some of the money you put in the meter was split with the businesses, people would go down there more. Right here (Live Oak) I’ve got free parking two minutes from my house. I don’t have to deal with traffic, it costs nothing to park here—the ease factor.

Neal Pearlberg

Live Oak | Writer




altIt’s on the right path—it’s doing pretty good. I think get rid of a bit of the riffraff down the street and bring in more mom and pop shops, user friendly shops, and maybe a couple more high-end restaurants and night clubs could work. I think people need a bigger entertainment industry in Santa Cruz.

Victor Martinez

Santa Cruz | Personal Trainer






altOpen a major store that brings more people in like a Wal-Mart, a Nike store or an Apple store. It would be great and it would bring more revenue and tax for the city itself.

Jaime Elarco

Watsonville | Caregiver

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