What’s one socially acceptable behavior that you wish didn’t exist?

lt nickTexting. If you’re having a meal with somebody and your trying to talk to them and they’re using their phone, I think it’s kind of rude. People think it’s acceptable, but it can be kind of annoying.
Nick Chao
Santa Cruz | Photographer/Artist


lt maya


Definitely throwing cigarette butts on the ground, because, I don’t know why, if you smoke, you should assume other people want your garbage on the ground, and that it’s not littering, because it is. And it’s not biodegradable at all.
Maya Murphy
Santa Cruz | Teacher



lt susanOver sharing by speaking on cell phones in public places where it’s a captive audience, like on the bus can, next to people in airports. It drives me crazy.
Susan Willats
Felton | UCSC Administrator




lt ignacioWhite lies. Lies where you think you won’t hurt people, or it doesn’t really matter. Somebody that has a habit like that, they build up and all of a sudden the little lies become bigger and bigger and it becomes easier. So, if you just get rid of the lies in the first place you wont have to deal with this huge, big lie in the end.
Ignacio Alonso
Santa Cruz | Artist/Student



lt kayla

Whistling in public places. You are not a “musician.” You are annoying, please stop.
Kayla Andrews
Santa Cruz | Artist/Bartender

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