What’s the best compliment you have ever received?

lt ginnyThe best compliment that I’ve ever received was that I look a lot younger than what I am.
Ginny Costanzo
Santa Cruz | Retired

lt ryThe best compliment I have ever received was … I actually get it often. I don’t mean to brag about it, but girls like to say that I look like a lion because of my hair, and it always brightens my day, pumps me up, makes me feel really good inside. Lions are powerful—the king of the jungle. That’s the best compliment I’ve received.
Ry Faraola
La Selva Beach | Student

lt claireThe best compliment I ever received was when a guy told me that he thinks of me like Marilyn Monroe.
Claire Stringer
Bonny Doon | Artist

lt gregorioYou’ve got a great big set of morals on ya.
Gregorio Goss
Santa Cruz | Leathersmith

lt bobThe best compliment I’ve received was “you’re not as stupid as you look.”
Bob Costanzo
Santa Cruz | Truck Driver

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