What’s the best thing about the Warriors being in Santa Cruz thus far?

lt parisThe best thing is the vibe. You know what I mean? It gives a good vibe to Santa Cruz, and there are a lot of people here that like basketball and they like sports. It gives the families out here something to do, and it’s something to do downtown.
Paris Lenc
Santa Cruz | Barista

lt dave
There is nothing good about it. It’s worthless. It’s a huge eyesore over here. Where are they going to park? Who cares?
Dave Harris
Santa Cruz | Construction/Tile Setter

lt johnty
We have an ugly building with no parking with Kaiser Permanente advertised on the front. It’s not a permanent structure, and so it’s loud.
Johnty Hickman
Santa Cruz | Electrician

lt michael
I believe the best thing so far is that it’s bringing some more revenue to town. It’s going to bring a little more money to our town that we need, we’re in debt, so is everyone else, and its good to have a little bit of money income. The only problem is that there is no parking—no specific parking that was made for this complex here.
Michael Perrin
Santa Cruz | Interior Plantscape Design

lt sonja
Definitely the fact that it is a community and family event. It’s a sporting event and we don’t really have anything like that. We have other events like fairs and festivals, but nothing really centered around sports. And basketball is a great game. I went to one game and it was packed with families and community members. There are a lot of good things happening around it, and I’ll definitely go again.
Sonja Brunner
Santa Cruz | Human Being

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