What’s the best thing Santa Cruz officials could do to help boost the economy?


Support more community evening events. We have our Friday Art walks. I think that that’s an extremely good moneymaker for Santa Cruz. Other art nights, music on the streets, those kind of things I think are good for the economy.

Isa Reser

Santa Cruz | Art Therapist

lt_bobReview the permit process for getting home improvements done

because it seems like that would add construction jobs.

If more people could add a second room or a second bathroom

to their house or do some of these accessory dwelling units,

if that could somehow be easier or cheaper,

that would bring the construction jobs back.

Bob Sheehan

Santa Cruz | Engineer


I think the biggest thing is the whole barrier to entry. You need to make it easy for businesses to not only initiate the process of start up, but also to maintain continuity because businesses in general have an 80 percent probability of failure within three year, And some of them, it’s as high as 90 percent, depending upon the type of business. So I would really look at that if I was going to try and stimulate the economy.

Caleb Lawrence

Santa Cruz | Investment Advisor


Expand the connection down the the wharf. Make it one continuous strip.

Tim Miller

Corralitos | Retired


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