What’s the most pressing community issue that you would be willing to help solve?

LocalTAlk_SherryThe most pressing local issue that I would help solve would be increasing our capacity to conserve more water and prepare us in the face of drought. Reducing our current usage from 69 gallons per day to 40 gallons per capita per day.
Sherry Bryan
Live Oak | Program Specialist


LocalTalk_AnnamariaRRandom gang violence and people freaking out downtown all the time, I notice it more and more as the years progress, and was personally a victim of it. A friend was cold-cocked by a random stranger for no reason and his nose was broken. It made me feel less safe downtown—and I live downtown.
Annamaria Russo
Santa Cruz | Tailor/Massage Therapist

LocalTAlk_MichaelThe thing I would help with is making local organic food more affordable and available for people. The government needs to subsidize organic farming more instead of subsidizing people to grow soybeans and wheat in the Midwest.
Michael Johnson
Santa Cruz | Business Owner


LocalTalk_AprilI would say the gang issue, but I don’t really know how I would participate in solving that. It’s a huge issue. In relation to that is drugs in our community with young people.
April Welsh
Santa Cruz | Self Employed

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