What’s the most underutilized asset in the county?

lt_jeffreyI believe the Pacific Ocean is our least utilized resource in Santa Cruz County. Both for energy production as well as desalination.

Jeffrey Vance

Santa Cruz | Handyman


The most underutilized asset in the county is that vacant building downtown that could have been a park. The Rittenhouse Building. To me, when I look at that, I think Adolph Hitler and Albert Speer would have been overjoyed to see that building because its a prime example of fascist architecture.

A. Blinken

Santa Cruz | Pruner



I think the most underused [thing] in the county is true organization, where we can actually come together with a plan that works for the entire county as a whole to bring our unemployment down and our homeless population down. What we’re really lacking is true organization on all sides to make it happen.

Michael Sigmon

Santa Cruz | Business Owner



New graduate nursing students who are unable to find any kind of work in our community who are only becoming

nurses because they want to serve

their community.

Carol Ash

Santa Cruz | Unemployed Nurse

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