What’s your most cherished memory?

lt gabrialMy most cherished memory was doing math problems with my mom early in the morning with a beautiful view of our backyard and spending time with her.
Gabrial Craft
Santa Cruz | Math Teacher 


lt karstaMy most cherished memory would be seeing my daughter for the first time when she was born. It’s just out of this world to see this being I created. And now she’s eleven. 
Karsta Jensen
Santa Cruz | Self Employed

lt jerryMy trip to Europe. I went to England, France, The Netherlands, Italy, and the Scandinavian countries. It was beautiful. A lot of different cultures so it’s really interesting to watch things.
Jerry Whitman
Santa Cruz | Business Owner

lt kelvin
The birth of both of my daughters. I don’t think that anything meant as much to me at the time that still gains value and meaning, every day, every year. It’s one of those things that meant a lot at the time and just keeps meaning more and more as I watch them grow.
Kelvin Nivens
Santa Cruz | Personal Trainer

lt cathrineDriving across the country with my dad. We drove from Charleston, S.C. to Santa Cruz about three weeks ago.
Cathrine Crutchfield
Santa Cruz | Photographer

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