What’s your motto?

lt nateMy motto would be “live life to the fullest.” My wife, however, would say “more cowbell!”
Nate Witten
Santa Cruz | Health Information Associate







lt krysta“Live the life you love, love the life you live.” That says it all.
Krysta Depp
Santa Cruz | Sales




lt isaac“Stay gold.”Stay gold just means … you know how people say they got a heart of gold? Just stay happy. “Stay gold.”
Izaac Wilhelm
Santa Cruz | Skate Shop Grom





lt sarahMy motto is “to work as hard as you can and to play as hard as you can.”
Sarah Bosworth
Santa Cruz | Cafe Worker





lt bob“Wine, food and friends. Drink more wine. Have a good day!”
Bob Lim
Santa Cruz | Retired

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