What’s your pet peeve?

localtalk_andyGIt bothers me when people swear in public, especially at restaurants. There is a time and place for swearing, and it’s definitely not every fifth word. I’d say it’s a sign of having limited intelligence. Let’s bring it up people. People with the least class seem to swear the most.
Andy Gross
Santa Cruz | Carpenter





localtalk_kristinaBPushy drivers on the road, people that cut you off or have to get in front of everyone for apparently no good reason.
Kristina Baker
Santa Cruz | Student






localtalk_kevinJThe guys that ask for money when they’re obviously well fed. They are taking away from single parents who are the majority of the homeless people.
Kevin Jones

Soquel | Therapist





localtalk_jesseEPeople writing on their hands,
making notes on their hands.
Jesse Eastman
Santa Cruz | Grocery clerk

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