What’s your solution to bike theft in Santa Cruz?

localtalk_andrewMHigher quality locks and more bicycle lockers.
Andrew Marine
Santa Cruz | Student


LocalTAlk_jennyODrug recovery programs would help because I think the people who steal the most are usually trying to get money for drugs.
Jenny O’Brien
Santa Cruz | Bike Rider

LocalTAlk_dariusBMake stealing a bike a felony instead of a misdemeanor because bicycles are the way of transportation for a lot of people in Santa Cruz and the world.
Darius B’Alexander
Santa Cruz | Customer Consultant

LocalTAlk_allisonGBooby trap your bike so that when someone tries to break your lock it just explodes in their face. Ink, tacks, toxic gas, nails—whatever you want.
Allison Gonzales
Santa Cruz | Waiter

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