What’s your solution to the zombie’s on Pacific Avenue?

localtalk_richardSA lot of the people have certain needs that aren’t being met and they go to Pacific Avenue either for attention or perhaps to get money. If we could find another way to meet those needs, it would be good. It is a problem, but I don’t know if we could have a simple sound bite solution.
Richard Snow
Santa Cruz | Substitute Teacher

localtalk_larryLI was thinking that there’s probably some community service work that we could get them to do so that they feel like they’re contributing and that they’re also making money. And the city gets cleaned up.
Larry Losness
Santa Cruz | Non Profit






localtalk_janeMI think they should have them hold up signs advertising specials for stores, since they’re just standing there anyway.
Jane Mio
Santa Cruz | Massage Therapist







localtalk_jesseIJust feed them brains.
Jesse Iris
Santa Cruz | Tattoo Artist

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