What’s your take on localism?

localtalk_jeremyMLocalism is about having pride in your community and being proud of where you live. When we were young we tended to take it a little too far with the Westside vs. Eastside vs. Valleys … but most of us grew out of that. Santa Cruz is a great town. Now I’m committed to improving my neighborhood and making Santa Cruz cleaner and safer.
Jeremy Matthews
Santa Cruz | Sales Operations





localtalk_rachelCIt’s great to have pride in your town and love where you live and really appreciate it, but the idea of exclusion bothers me. I’d rather have things be more inclusive because when you have more diverse minds thinking about different subjects, you’re going to actually come up with something amazing.
Rachel Cordero
Santa Cruz | Student




localtalk_leilaBI think localism is a good thing. It creates a connection to where you’re from and it can build pride about who you are. As long as you’re not hurting anyone or killing anyone because of where you’re from and you’re not becoming a xenophobic fool, then it’s fine.
Leila Bay
New York | Business Owner




localtalk_jamieSTourism is such a big part of Santa Cruz I think you have to appreciate it in order to appreciate the town. You have to acknowledge that this is a place where people come to vacation to get away from their own towns, and that’s what makes it a great place to live.
Jamie Siegel
Santa Cruz | Adviser

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