What’s your take on the economic outlook for 2013?

lt ryanI think it’s looking better than it was in 2012. I’m about to get into the job market in another month, after I graduate, and I’m not really that scared about it. Ryan Freund
Santa Cruz | Student

lt meghan

I think that things are going to continue to improve economically. And with the president being re-elected, I’m very hopeful.
Meghan Vaughn
Boulder Creek | Health Services

lt marian

I don’t have a lot of faith that things are going to go well this year. I believe that we’re going to lose more jobs, we’re going to have a lot more taken out of our pocket, [and there will be] a lot of people struggling to make things meet. I just feel that since I do have faith in God that he will provide for those that trust and believe in him.
Marian Stocking
Santa Cruz | Construction Assistant

lt bill

If we don’t see some change real fast I have a feeling that next year we could see some imploding of the economy. It’s getting tough, it’s getting rough, and things don’t seem to be getting better.
Bill Ackerman
Aptos | Skateshop Owner

lt terry

You’re talking to a guy who is in business for himself. I run a green business. I collect solar energy. My business is growing like crazy. I think that it’s because other people are conserving. They’re not going out and buying stuff, they’re recycling things they have. I suspect we’ve probably got another year and a half to two years before this really turns around. That’s my gut feeling.
Terry Beech
Capitola | Professional Shaper

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