When it comes to relationships, what is super attractive? What is a deal breaker?

lt_jesseWhat’s super attractive to me is confidence and an independent life. The deal breaker would be using the relationship as a distraction from your own life.
Jesse Cummings
Santa Cruz | Shoe Store Manager

lt_luciaA deal breaker would be someone who’s dishonest. And the opposite of that is someone who is honest and trustworthy.
Lucia Maclean
Ben Lomond | Volunteer Coordinator Seymour Marine Disovery Center

I find super attractive someone who is engaged in conversation and calls me on my shit. A deal breaker is someone who I witness being mean to someone else early in our relationship.
Michael Stevens
Bonny Doon | Student Support Representative

I would say a deal breaker is someone who doesn’t have their own life together so they have to glom on to yours and try and steal all your friends and be part of all your activities. Super attractive is someone who is confident and has got their stuff together and knows what they want from life—someone with different interests and can teach me  things.
Maya Desay
Santa Cruz | Student

I would say confidence and the fact that the person has their act together; that they can actually organize things and do things when they say they’re going to do them. A deal breaker is the inability to feel compassion for the other person.
Bernie Richter
Santa Cruz | Associate Director for the Bruce Initiative for Rethinking Capitalism

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