Where do you get the best dessert in Santa Cruz? What is it?

lt_judyI love See’s Candies’ dark chocolate


Judy Beldem

Santa Cruz | Grandmother



lt_heatherMy husband would say a chocolate dipped cookie

from the Pacific Cookie Company downtown.

It’s really hard because there is some good chocolate

around. I think Bittersweet Bistro has a nice three

chocolate dessert that I really like.

Heather Shannon

Aptos | Interior Designer



Creamy ice cream from Penny Ice Creamery. Any flavor especially some of the more (far)

out ones they have like a pine flavored one, and a really unique banana flavor.

Kas! O-P

Santa Cruz | Funemployed


The chocolate truffle cake at Kelly’s on Swift Street. It’s rich, it’s fresh it has

powdered sugar on the top and it’s very very good.

Ellen Symons Fox

Santa Cruz | Self Employed

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