Which is the bigger issue— disenfranchising voters or voter fraud?

lt danial

Disenfranchised voters pose a far greater threat to our democracy than anything that we can imagine, because if we don’t have participation we have the electoral college which will never elect the right person.
Daniel Passino
Capitola, Retired

lt john


Voter fraud is a scam, it doesn’t exist. It’s a myth. The numbers are less than .001 percent voter fraud, pretty much anywhere you look in this country. It’s a ruse for restricting access to the vote, which we’re all constitutionally entitled to.
John Dwyer
Santa Cruz, Student

lt barbara

I think it’s disenfranchising people. Voter fraud is not an issue. The percentage is so low, it’s not an issue. I hate politicians.
Barbara Dehays
Santa Cruz, Retired


lt michelle

I think they’re equally awful. I think that people need to know that they have the right to vote and they should always have the right to vote. We fought long and hard for that, and that right should never be taken away. Fraud is such a bad thing because we don’t get the true answers of what people want.
Michelle Baime
Santa Cruz, Wellness Coach


lt lisa

I think disenfranchising is a bigger issue. I think that voter fraud is more of a platform for Republicans.
Lisa Martin
Santa Cruz, Graphic Designer

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