Who Are These People?

blog_karmaI look around at Village Yoga and see fewer familiar faces, proportionately, as the room fills with new ones.  I guess yoga is catching on.  Most studios I frequent are filled, and I have many theories why this may be happening … Mostly I think that people have more time, with less work … and are opting to “exercise,” with the added feature of an emerging connection to the self, or Self. Yoga is a meditation and through this meditation a connection emerges.

Through this “outer” world of physical sensation and awareness, a yogi slowly becomes conscious of her inner life.  The asanas become a meditation. In addition to this mediation,  it’s fun and it’s social.  Yogi’s are friendly, for the most part.  Don’t get me wrong, Yoga, as a practice, is a serious spiritual undertaking, requiring years of work, but why not make some great new friends who also are seeking their spiritual center.   It’s a powerful combination.  Read  I AM THAT, by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, in addition to performing your yoga.

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